Beginners Can Now Mine Cryptos with the Coinmine One

If you have ever wanted to try your hand at mining cryptos but don’t have the technical know-how, your prayers have been answered. The Coinmine One is a rather beautiful crypto mining rig designed for complete novices. All you have to do is power it up, connect it to the internet with an ethernet cable and link it with your crypto wallet – it’s really that simple. It will handle the rest of the process for you, meaning you can now set up your own crypto mining farm in the same time it takes you to open a bottle of wine.

Mining Made Easy – and Beautiful

Setting up a crypto mining rig can be quite a challenge due to the technical knowledge that’s required. On top of this, crypto mining rigs aren’t known for being aesthetically pleasing.


Israeli Crypto Mining Firm Files for Canadian IPO

Bitfarms – an Israeli crypto mining firm – has filed a preliminary prospectus with the Ontario Securities Commission in a bit to launch an IPO in Canada. Interestingly, Bitfarms – previously known as Blockchain Mining – has been listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange for a little while now. In fact, its stock price has climbed by more than 6,500% since listing on the stock exchange, but not much foreign money trades on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and Bitfarms wants to draw these investors. By listing in Canada, Bitfarms will be opening its doors to a new wave of investors and will be listed on one of the biggest stock exchanges in the world.

IPOs King in the Mining World

Many people are confused as to why Bitfarms is using an IPO rather than an ICO, but the answer for that is very simple.


Forbes 30-Under-30 List Sprinkled with Crypto Stardust

Forbes yesterday unveiled their picks for the 2019 Forbes 30-Under-30 list, which recognizes hundreds of young achievers from across all industry sectors. This year’s draft contained good news for blockchain fans, as founders and CEOs of four blockchain companies were recognized for their achievements in 2018. The vision of the four crypto pioneers is indicative of the generation that will take blockchain to the next level, and represents a trend that, it can be assumed, will only increase with time and adoption.

Here we take a look at the four candidates and reflect on their achievements.

Olaoluwa Osuntokun

Olaoluwa Osuntokun (25)


ICON Scrambles to Manage Fallout of Token Supply Pump

ICON’s price, and its reputation, took a bit of a battering this week, as it remained silent on the mystery 18% rise in circulating supply that got investors talking and the rumor mill going. Official news from ICON has been thin on the ground since the event a month ago, leading to speculation and angry investors clamoring for information, while what responses have emerged have been less than satisfactory.

The 73 Million Tokens Puzzle

The confusion started when ICON holders found that the circulating supply appeared to have jumped 18% overnight on October 16. Confusion reigned for several days as investors sought an explanation from the team as to what had happened.


Bitcoin ABC Takes Early Lead in Bitcoin Cash Fork War

Bitcoin Cash finally underwent its much-discussed hard fork yesterday, and the early results do not make pretty viewing for Bitcoin SV (BCHSV) chief Craig Wright. An initial tweet from Wright claiming that BCHSV was ahead didn’t age well, as Bitcoin ABC (BCHABC) soon raced ahead in the hash rates, peaking at almost 9,000 PH/s compared to BCHSV, which slumped before slowly before creeping back up to around 4,000 PH/s, still well behind BCHABC.

Leading exchange Binance also listed both coins Friday, with BCHSV recording the biggest gain in price, from $80 to around $120 after initially peaking at $150.


Bithumb Super Airdrop Set to Give Away 15 BTC

Bithumb is back with a bang, and in its latest announcement it’s giving away 15 BTC to one lucky winner. The South Korean crypto exchange will also be giving away stacks of ZEC, XMR, DASH, BTG, and OMG to celebrate its 5th Anniversary. It appears to have bounced back incredibly well from its $30 million hack back in June, which left it closed for a number of weeks.

10,000 Won Every Monday

We love our Monday reloads here at BitStarz and it appears Bithumb does too. Every Monday the exchange will be dropping 10,000 in cryptos between 500 lucky winners until the final prize draw on Christmas Eve. All traders have to do is trade on the platform.


New Advance Cryptojacking Scripts Target Linux Systems

Linux has become the latest target of cryptojackers looking to infect servers and computers around the globe. Linux is used to power some of the most powerful companies, as well as their application and web servers. This new, more advanced cryptojacking script hides itself by implementing a rootkit and is even capable of updating itself. What this means is that even if you update Linux to a version that kills the script, it will auto update to the latest version that can bypass the new version of your OS – scary, right?

Hiding in Plugins

The new strain of cryptojacking script is worked into compromised plugins and infects a user’s system. The plugin will ask for admin rights – which most people will just automatically accept without thinking twice – and then it’s too late – the script will be able to roam freely in your OS without needing further permissions.


Pure Bit Goes Up in Smoke and Takes 13,000 ETH With it

Unfortunately, another ICO scam has finally burst into flames and exited with a lot of investor money. Pure Bit is a South Korean crypto exchange and it ran an ICO in secret – due to the fact ICOs are illegal in South Korea.

Pure Bit operated anonymously, with its website registered to a fake name and social media accounts accessed by fake profiles. It’s being dubbed as the perfect ICO scam, as crypto investing is big in South Korea, meaning investors are more likely to jump in without hesitating and doing their research.


Vin Armani Warns of Crypto Hash War

Many people might not have heard of Vin Armani – we don’t fault you if you haven’t. But, the outspoken and controversial personality’s latest prophecy is that Craig “Satoshi” Wright and Calvin Ayre are going to team up to kill Bitcoin Cash’s ABC miners – taking control of Bitcoin Cash for good. Once they have conquered Bitcoin Cash, the pair will allegedly turn to all other cryptos running on the SHA-256 algorithm, with Bitcoin as their final target. The pair are allegedly planning to bring an end to the crypto world just for fun and to become the winners of the crypto game.

In a Periscope broadcast, Vin Armani reads very carefully from a script and at times looks like he is being held at gunpoint.


Former Coinbase Bitcoin Cash Engineer Backs Bitcoin ABC

Bitcoin Cash, for those of you living under a rock for the past few weeks, is preparing to undergo a very contentious hard fork today, November 15. The war of words (and hash power) has been gathering steam the past few days, with leaders of each project trading insults and threats. All the while trying to get as many miners on their side as possible in order to ensure that their chain emerges victorious. With the split imminent, we take a look at the technical aspects of the two chains and see which, if any, represents the true Bitcoin Cash vision.

Bitcoin ABC

Bitcoin ABC (BCHABC), led by Roger Ver, Jihan Wu, and backed by mining giant Bitmain, represents the ‘original’ Bitcoin Cash client that split from Bitcoin in 2017.